Tempus fugit …

All our lives we move from experiment to experiment, rejecting one that left us a bitter taste to come closer, thanks to luck and/or determination, of another one which will fit us better. This has been my journey so far… Over the last ten years I have relentlessly bounced in all directions in search of my path, and even if all that time I knew for a fact it was there, under my skin, I didn’t allow myself to pay attention to it and continued to seek happiness in a more… traditional way !

After a quite eclectic process, it is weighted with various knowledges and know-hows that I threw myself in active life. A life already nice and off-the-wall, but passing way too fast for my taste especially since I felt it lacked what I REALLY need on a daily basis. Hard fact. Sad fact. Apathy

And ?

Meeting. Temptation. Questioning. Decision. Creation.
A summary of the key steps through which I passed these recent months.

In one word: BLAM!

Awareness that yes, time flies; there’s ten years as it was yesterday and damn if at that time I was already seriously considering the idea of ​​being an actress, it’s not a coincidence ! And this crazy meeting, as unreal as it was unexpected, which among others things convinced me of the merits of my eternal assurance in sex matters and confirmed my endless appetite for it, especially when done well…

The concept, brooding for so long in the depths of my being, has made its way into my mind and has evolved, day after day, week after week, in a real battle plan anchoring dream into reality … So and one fine day, I no longer had any doubt about what I was going to do and the consequences it would have on the rest.

One morning, I realized that time flies but dreams, passions and vices remain. And that it would be pretty masochistic to consciously let go of the fantastic opportunity to try to excel in an almost predestined field, only because we live in the fear of hurting the other’s gaze on us. Seriously, how long can you take it ? Two minutes, two years, ten years … But a lifetime?

Hence Electre.

Born from the embers of an ever burning fire, whole and full of ideas, playful and moody as an in heat kitty, this revealed femme fatale’s fun is to make you horny be your fantasy. Her adventures in the X world won’t disappoint and you are all invited to the festivities!

let the party begin !